Managing Year 10


by Jack B.



Managing Year 10
For Year 10 Students studying in Australia
Duration: 50 minutes, 10 modules

This Signature Course has been carefully developed by AirTutor to provide you with the right tools and resources to feel confident in your academic pursuits. Our courses are made up of a curated series of modules within chapters, of which you can repeat at anytime.

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Chapter 2, outlines the importance of having the right mindset for managing Year 10 and highlights the need for adjustment in your expectations in regards to campus, the house system, classes and the progression into senior years. We cover your academic and personal goals and objectives, because what gets measured, gets managed.

Chapter 3, discusses Strategies and Learning Styles. We look at your strengths and talents, which are important to consider when looking at subject selection and prerequisite subjects. We introduce you to the ''reverse engineering'' approach so that you can put some context into your decision making. The final module in this chapter covers adopting smart habits and understanding your learning style as these will assist you in reaching your full potential.

Chapter 4, is dedicated to the parents or guardians. We cover managing the transition to Year 10, reinforcing healthy study habits and a balanced lifestyle. We recommend parents and guardians view this chapter as they also have a vested interest in your Year 10 journey. We talk about how they can provide support in the times ahead.

You and your AirTutor can work together to map out Year 10 and make you feel more confident.

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