Managing Year 12 (VCE)


by Sophie U.



Managing Year 12 (VCE)

For Year 12 VCE Students
Duration: 60 minutes, over 14 modules

This Signature Course has been carefully developed by AirTutor to provide you with the right tools and resources to feel confident in your academic pursuits. Our courses are made up of a curated series of modules within chapters, of which you can repeat at anytime.

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Chapter 2 is about mindset and expectations, starting with outlining the assessments schedule in Year 12 VCE and how this may differ from Year 11. We will then cover Academic and Personal Goals, specifically looking at how to best tackle your long-term goals for VCE such as your ATAR and study score. Leadership will then be addressed, including the benefits of going for various roles, what is means for your career prospects.

Chapter 3 focuses on the ATAR system, providing you and your parents with a comprehensive guide to how your final scores are calculated. We will then cover how your subject selection can impact your ATAR by how they are scaled, and also how best to choose your subjects based on the prerequisites you might have for your university course.

Chapter 4 is about habits and learning styles, where we will give you proven methods to improve your focus levels and study techniques, depending on what best suits you. Our module on Coping With Stress will help you manage the Year 12 workload, and will give you helpful coping methods used by our own AirTutors.

Chapter 5 is for the parents and guardians, and addresses some of the challenges that Year 12 students and their families may encounter, and can help parents be prepared for the year ahead.

Chapter 6 is a summary of the course, and includes modules for Frequently Asked Questions and a glossary for you to reference throughout the duration of this course.

You and your AirTutor can work together to map out Year 12 and make you feel more confident.

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